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Elevate Your Child's Math Skills
Abacus enhances math skills, focus, and problem-solving abilities
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Innovative Abacus Education at SamasAbacus
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What is Samas abacus

Samasabacus is an abacus training academy that uses mental arithmetic techniques to improve children's cognitive abilities.


Unlock your child's potential with Samas Abacus - Boost mental math skills and enhance concentration with our unique teaching method.

Beyond Mathematics!

Empowering young minds with skills and attitudes for a brighter future

Our Academy

SAMA Abacus Academy is a premier abacus training institution with over 35 centers and 10,000+ trained students in Sri Lanka. Our program focuses on developing mental arithmetic skills and overall personality development of children aged 3 1/2 to 14 years.

Our Benefits

At SA MAS Abacus Academy, we offer a unique mental arithmetic program that develops children’s artistic abilities, memory, personality, and time management skills. Our program helps children realize their full potential and become confident, independent learners, ready for academic and personal success.

  • Improved mental math skills

    With SA MAS Abacus Academy, students develop improved mental math skills, enhance creativity, improve concentration and memory, and gain self-confidence.

  • Increased concentration and focus

    SA MAS Abacus Academy helps to increase concentration and focus through mental math exercises, leading to better academic performance and overall success.

  • Enhanced problem-solving

    SA MAS Abacus Academy enhances problem-solving skills through mental arithmetic training, promoting critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities in students.

  • Improved self-esteem

    SA MAS Abacus Academy helps students improve their self-esteem by developing their mental math skills, boosting their confidence and instilling a positive attitude towards learning.


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SamasAbacus has been a pioneer in the abacus training industry since its inception, offering the esteemed Abacus & Mental Arithmetic System.  we now operate over 30 centers with 100+ skilled instructors to guide your child’s education. With over 15,000 successful students trained in Sri Lanka, we invite you to discover your child’s inner genius and unlock their full potential in mental math and beyond with SamasAbacus. Enroll today!

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