Today we give your children an easy solution to learn fast a bit harder mathematics calculations such as Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide them in doing the calculations step-by-step but quickly in simple way assisting the world recognized arithmetic calculation tool call ‘Abacus’. Right now we have very qualified staff to train your kids to solve any kind of mathematics problems which simple to complex without let them in a harder efforts.

Our Abacus classes are fully play based, enjoyable places where your highly growing loving kids can learn both Mathematics & English from our cute teachers. 

Leaning Abacus is absolutely not an extra workload to the students and it is an idle hobto them while learning effortlessly. The students who follow our Level 1 to Level 8 fully abacus oriented courses, finally they can be a champions of Abacus sitting various types of competitions which held locally and Internationally (Visit our Course Time Tables). 

We provide your children an excellent atmosphere to learn, well expertise teachers, periodic test and evaluations with good result assured.

Nevertheless, We offer franchisees for our excellent students who finished whole levels form our institute (Visit our franchisees page). 

Lets join your kid with SA MAS Academy and realize your kid’s immediate change and improvement of Mathematics.