The scenario of SA MAS Abacus Academy Franchisee

Become a registered Franchisee of SA MAS Abacus Academy, would be an absolutely low capital, high return investment as well as a national commitment to develop a well-educated society in Sri Lanka. We locally and internationally trained the G.C.E. Advance Level passed, enthusiastic, younger people up to the mastering level of teaching math using the Abacus instrument and finally grant permission them to establish franchisee abacus institutes in their own living areas or any part of the country under our continuous supervision after fulfilling our basic requirements and the final test. After the process of training and registering signing an agreement, the registered franchisee can start an abacus class in his own living area or any part of the country and perform teaching to their students to use the abacus for mathematical calculations form basic level up to advance levels (We have total 8 levels).

Every franchise of SA MAS Abacus Academy is entitled to train students to the specific levels and ready them for the national and international mental arithmetic training events or competitions and liable to pay certain % out of their income to the mother institute.

For more information & see the eligibility for franchisee please feel free to fill the following online application form and send us with an uploaded copy of your AL certificate (Please upload only .pdf).

If you unable to fill the online application form please download it here (Download Word.Doc) and emailed the filled application to: or post to: The Manager, SA MAS Abacus Academy, No. 69, Buddhagaya Mawatha, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

Contact us filling out the form below.


Registration Form for SA MAS Franchisee